In Lands of Verdicchio DOC

Located in the hinterland of Ancona, halfway between Adriatic and the Apennines we find a succession of medieval and Renaissance still looking the same, bound together by rolling hills covered by vineyards Verdicchio. It is not like castles normally means, that large fortified homes that belonged to one family, but country castles, that is surrounded and enclosed by high walls, within which the inhabitants took refuge in the surrounding countryside and farmers while the pirates
The Castelli di Jesi 14 are facing horseshoe hills around the valley of Jesi. For the most part have kept unchanged the typical medieval aspect, with the characteristic twist of narrow streets and alleys within the walls. Even the walls are almost all perfectly preserved and protected by Superintendent of Ancona.
Around the Castelli di Jesi stretch as far as the eye of Verdicchio vineyards, so the visit to the Castelli di Jesi is a suggested itinerary from spring to autumn when, after the period of harvest, as well as along the beautiful hilly landscapes you can taste wines in the cellars and discover new restaurants in the country and the campaigns the true essence of culture Marche.
Here the size is still a human and here in the streets of Verdicchio, you can try one of the finest wines in the world, produced in limited numbers and with a passion even from traditional companies that have the excellence Their rule of life.


The average altitude of the area of Verdicchio sea level varies from mt. 75 mt. 550. Geologically can be divided into three groups: Group input, derived from sub-layers arenaceomarmosi Miocene, formed by land rather brittle, sometimes much limestone. Intermediate zone, consisting of medium soils, formed from gaseous substrates arenaceous-marly-Miocene; downstream band, formed by very compact soils, derived from Pliocene clay mixed with arenarea. By the nature of land contribute to the excellent product quality ventilation conditions that maintain a good state of health of the vines and grapes. Several times it has tried to cultivate Verdicchio grapes in other parts of Italy, but the results have always been daunting. In the area of the Castelli di Jesi, and only in this area, indeed coexist in an optimal way all the necessary conditions and ideal for the growing of Verdicchio grapes: the climate, soil, especially the constant ventilation to prevent the formation of mold and moisture on the grapes. These hills occur then the optimal conditions for the temperatures: mild during the next blooming and warmer, with sunny days, in time of ripening. Do not miss moments of "night cooling" during the pre-harvest that favor the formation of aromas of grapes that will be evident in the wines. Here perchéThe Verdicchio is a product of indigenous, traditional and exclusive of this "tissue" of Italy.

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